Bump Stocks

Bump Stocks at LJRC

With the increased popularity of bump stocks the Board is working on adding a formal policy to the LJRC Handbook regarding their usage at LJRC.  In the absence of a formal policy, members are reminded that you are liable for injury and/or damage caused to persons and property down-range of your shots.  As with fully automatic weapons, which are prohibited without prior approval from the Board, bump stock fitted arms will continue to raise up while being fired.  There has already been reports that some rounds appear to be going over the back wall of the rifle pit.  This could be endangering people, livestock, and equipment directly north of the LJRC facilities. 

Membership has historically been more interested in accuracy while shooting, as is the case with the annual Egg Shoot, verses the spray and pray shooting that bump stocks represent.  Please keep in mind your safety and the safety of our neighbors.

Lifetime Membership

Mike Day Awarded Lifetime Membership

Past LJRC Board Member and dedicated member of the the Club, Mike Day, has been awarded a Lifetime Membership by the Board of Directors.  Mike has given many hours of his time, gallons of fuel, wear and tear on equipment, and more to help with improvements and maintanence to the Club over the years.  Additionally, he has managed the Club's Rifle Egg Shoot for a number of years.  If you have an opportunity to thank Mike for his past and continued service to the Club please do so as we are lucky to have such a dedicated member like him in the Club. 

4H Thank Yous

Local 4-H Thank

You Notes

The Club enjoys the opportunity to support local youth shooters.  The following notes of thanks were received by the Club and we are happy to pass them along to you.  Keep up the good work 4-H shooters and staff!


New Life Time Members

New Life Time Members Announced June 2016

At the June 21st meeting of the the LJRC Board of Directors a motion was made to award current Board members, Brandon Madewell and Carl Otteman, with Life Time Memberships to the La Junta Rifle Club.  Both Brandon and Carl have been instramental in all of the improvements made at the Club over the last few years.  They have written and administered grants, given countless hours of their time, and have been spotted manning shovels and rakes to make our Club what it is today.  Next time you run into one of these fine gentleman you may want to pass on a congrats and a thank you...they certainly have earned both.

Unfortunately for the LJRC and for La Junta, next time you see Mr. Madewell he will most likely be visiting town as he and his family have recently moved from the area.  We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and hope that he will find time to visit the Club to shoot with us in the future.  Kelly Block will be taking over the gavel from Brandon and will serve as Club President for the remainder of Brandon's term.

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