Range Clean Up

'15 Spring Clean Up at LJRC

A special thank you to Board members Brandon Madewell (assisted by Mstr. Madewell), Kelly Clodfelter, Kelly Block, Brad Jones, Carl Otteman, and Dean Zimmerman who participated in a range clean up day Sunday June 7th.  There was no shortage of tumble weeds to pitchfork and burn.  Dean manned the tractor, cutting fire breaks, mowing the area, and piling up weeds.  Brandon and Tripp worked the ATV and propane burner with help form Kelly B..  Kelly C. provided a lawn tractor to assist with mowing and was also the head look-out for rabbit related issues.  Safety was paramount and everyone worked together to insure that it was a successful clean up and safe burn.  Thanks again gentlemen.  The Club appreciates your time, equipment, and hard work.

The Club looks great and is ready for the summer.  Come on out and enjoy the facilities.  Make sure to check out the new picnic area by the clubhouse!

Project Appleseed 2015

Project Appleseed 2015

Marksmanship and History Events at LJRC September 26-27

Events start at 8:30.  Please arrive early to allow for setup and sign in.  Project Appleseed is a nationwide program that teaches rifle marksmanship skills that have been passed down from generation to generation and reconnects Americans with the people and events of colonial America.  Participants are taught skills that allow a Rifleman to be accurate out to 500 yards using a standard rifle with iron sights.  This ability is traditionally known as mastering the 'Rifleman's Quarter Mile' and is an American tradition that has been part of this nation from its very first days.  So join us and hear some little-known Revolutionary War history, reaffirm your heritage and make America a better place.  For more info contact CO
State Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit appleseedinfo.org

Shootgun Range Barrier Wall

Range Improvements Continue at LJRC

The barrier wall project to further separate the skeet and trap courses has been completed.  Part of the second phase of improvements that have been funded by Colorado Division of Wildlife grants and in-kind donations of members and the community.

A proper foundation was laid underground.

Rebar added the strength needed for longevity.

A safer range is a better range.

January Board Brief


The monthly meeting was held on Jan. 20, 2015 at Kelly's Guns.  Items covered in the meeting included the instillation of the Club's officers by the Board of Directors, tumble weed build up around the Club, current and future security of Club, and the 2015 Egg Buckle Shoot.

The Board voted to re-appoint the 2014 Officers for the coming year.  Officers of the LJRC for 2015 were approved as follows:  Pres.- Brandon Madewell, Co-Vice Pres.- Kelly Block and Kelly Clodfelter, Treas.- Carl Otteman, Sec.- Brad Jones.  Tumble weeds are building up and the Board is looking into a permit to burn.  The Board discussed the video equipment currently being used and possibility of improving the equipment in the future if need be.  The possibility of requesting grant funds in 2016 to improve security at the club was also discussed.  In addition to the video equipment improvements to the doors of the club house and possibly the entrance gate were discussed.  Plans for the upcoming Egg Buckle Shoot competition are in the works and details will be made available soon.

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