Range availability is at the discretion of the Board of Directors (BoD.) Live-fire shooting is normally limited to the following ranges and equipment:

Rifle range: Target berms are located at 50 yards, 100 yards, 200 yards, and 300 yards. Each berm has a target stand.

Any smokeless powder rifle up to .50 caliber center fire or rim fire, and any black powder rifle of any caliber. .50 BMG caliber allowed at 300 yards ONLY and may ONLY be shot at paper targets. Also allowed are pistols shooting a rifle caliber bullet (such as Thompson CenterFire) that are made for long range shooting and have a long range sighting system installed. This range is the ONLY place where slugs and buckshot are allowed. (No tracer ammunition.)

Indoor pistol range: This range is to be used by rim fire (both rifle and pistol) and by center fire handguns shooting a pistol cartridge. No shotguns allowed. Paper, cardboard, or provided targets ONLY. Targets are to be set so that all bullet impacts hit the provided backstop. No caliber larger than .45 will be allowed in this range. Z52 pistol ammo (7.62 x 25 FMJ) will not be allowed in this range.

Outdoor pistol range: This facility is provided for use of .22 rim fire handguns and rifles, center fire handguns of any caliber of .50 or less, black powder pistol and shotguns practicing tactical shooting on fixed targets. The provided metal targets are NOT available for use by handguns shooting magnum cartridges. If magnum cartridges are used, the target MUST be a paper or cardboard target placed so that the round impacts the bank directly in back of the target. All metal targets must be returned to storage after use.

Skeet and Trap range: Shotguns only. No buckshot and no slugs allowed on this range, and this includes the shotgun pattern board. Shotguns with a release trigger must be clearly labeled at all times, including when on the gun rack. 

Archery range: for use with arrows ONLY. No firearms allowed on this range.

Club House: The club house has a meeting room approximately 16'x16 with a small serving area and a wood stove.  "His" and "Hers" outhouses are located on the north side.  Electricity is available.  There is no running water on the property.

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