Range Clean Up

'15 Spring Clean Up at LJRC

A special thank you to Board members Brandon Madewell (assisted by Mstr. Madewell), Kelly Clodfelter, Kelly Block, Brad Jones, Carl Otteman, and Dean Zimmerman who participated in a range clean up day Sunday June 7th.  There was no shortage of tumble weeds to pitchfork and burn.  Dean manned the tractor, cutting fire breaks, mowing the area, and piling up weeds.  Brandon and Tripp worked the ATV and propane burner with help form Kelly B..  Kelly C. provided a lawn tractor to assist with mowing and was also the head look-out for rabbit related issues.  Safety was paramount and everyone worked together to insure that it was a successful clean up and safe burn.  Thanks again gentlemen.  The Club appreciates your time, equipment, and hard work.

The Club looks great and is ready for the summer.  Come on out and enjoy the facilities.  Make sure to check out the new picnic area by the clubhouse!

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