Bump Stocks

Bump Stocks at LJRC

With the increased popularity of bump stocks the Board is working on adding a formal policy to the LJRC Handbook regarding their usage at LJRC.  In the absence of a formal policy, members are reminded that you are liable for injury and/or damage caused to persons and property down-range of your shots.  As with fully automatic weapons, which are prohibited without prior approval from the Board, bump stock fitted arms will continue to raise up while being fired.  There has already been reports that some rounds appear to be going over the back wall of the rifle pit.  This could be endangering people, livestock, and equipment directly north of the LJRC facilities. 

Membership has historically been more interested in accuracy while shooting, as is the case with the annual Egg Shoot, verses the spray and pray shooting that bump stocks represent.  Please keep in mind your safety and the safety of our neighbors.

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