Bump Stocks at LJRC

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Bump Stocks at LJRC

It has come to the attention of the Board

that bump stock fitted firearms are being fired at the LJRC.  Members are strongly advised against using bump stocks at the Club as they behave like fully automatic firearms, which are prohibited at the Club without prior Board approval.

Members are reminded that you are personally liable for damage caused by shots that may be rising above the back wall of the rifle pit as the barrel lifts during rapid fire shooting.  Rounds from a .223 are more than capable of reaching our neighbors to the north from the common firing line of the rifle pit if they are angled over the back wall.

LJRC Advisory Boards

The Board is interested in forming Advisory Boards for shotgun, pistol, and rifle ranges.  If you are interested in helping guide future events and future improvements to the Club in your favorite shooting discipline reach out for a Board Member.

Not interested any more? and your request will be honored immediately.
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