April Board Meeting Notes

La Junta Rifle Club April 24, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:08 with Vice-President Kelly Clodfelter presiding in place of President Brandon Madewell who was absent.

Those in attendance were:  Kelly Clodfelter, Kelly Block, Carl Otteman, Brad Smith

Secretary Brad Smith read the minutes from the March board meeting.  There was one addition added, and that was authorizing Kelly Clodfelter to be added to club check signing privileges.  The motion carried unanimously and was accepted.

Treasurer Carl Otteman gave the financial report.  After hearing the report, the board has decided to remain somewhat frugal with expenses due to an unexpected additional cost in preparing the new pistol pit.  The unexpected cost was an additional charge of $3,200 to remove a large portion of concrete.  Overall the budget and projected expenditures still have the club in good shape financially.  As of April 24 there were 166 members that have paid 2013 dues of 199.  There are now 75 new members on the books!  This is nice to see!  Treasurer Otteman's report was accepted and carried.

Old Business:

Board members Clodfelter and Otteman reported on their recent trip to Denver to pitch the rifle club's construction plans that have in the past used DOW grant $$ and are now asking the Division of Parks and Wildlife to assist in our ventures.  The amount requested from DPW is $33,000 with an $11,000 match from our club.  The presentation went well with Carl Otteman showing a before/after slide presentation that shows where the club was a while back and where the club is today regarding improvements.  There are some neat aerial views that have been taken and we hope to publish those on our site soon.  The folks from DPW were very impressed and thanked our board members for their dedication to improvement but also for offering an affordable activity in our neck of the woods.  They liked the fact that we have not had to charge a large amount for dues, and they were very pleased...and told the board that this is the first group that has shown (visual aid) exactly how the money has been spent.  We feel optimistic we will be able to move forward but should hear back sometime in May....we'll keep everyone posted!

New Business:

The website continues to be built and enhanced.  We are close to changing out of email system and moving forward.  Thank you to Teresa Wadleigh for her hard work on this project.

Project Appleseed now has a date set at our range!  This is a group that will be coming to La Junta and to our rifle club on September 7 and September 8.  This will be a Saturday and a Sunday.  The group will be teaching marksmanship skills along with providing some very neat history lessons at the same time.  We're excited this (popular) traveling group chose to come to our neck of the woods.. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!  More information to follow!

The board has also set a date for its annual Clean Up Day!  This day will be Saturday May 18 out at the club.  We will start at 8:00a.m. and run til we're done!  We encourage members to help if they can.  We ask that folks would bring cleaning supplies...rakes, mowers, weed eaters, windex, rags, etc.  Our goal is to spruce up the joint before league shoot starts.

We would also ask that if members or anyone would be able to donate some railroad ties in order for us to continue with contruction of our permanent targets in our pistol pit.  If anyone can help out here or has any ideas,  please contact Kelly Clodfelter at 383-9015.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:47p.m. and our next meeting has been scheduled for June 5 at 6:00p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Smith


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