2015 Egg Shoot

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Monthly Qualifying 2015 Egg Shoot

2nd Sunday Monthly at 1 p.m. Starting March 8th

Membership is not required to participate.  Cost is $10 plus daily range fees and you must provide two dozen grade AA hen eggs for your shoot.  Shooters will take 8 shots from 100 yard, 8 shots from 200 yards, and 8 shots from 300 yards.  Only one rifle may be used by each shooter during each qualifying shoot.


Non-mechanical rest are permitted from the shooting bench (no lead sleds) with most shooters opting to use sand bags.  The monthly winner will receive half of the entry fees for the day with the second half going towards the prize for the Buckle Shoot in September.  Shooters must make two of the six qualifying shoots in order to qualify for the Buckle Shoot in September.  Shooters are encouraged to make as many events as possible to insure that we have a nice prize buckle paid for come September.  No sign up is required- just show up with eggs, entry fee, rifle, and ammo!


Monthly Qualifying Shoots are scheduled for March 8th, April 12th, May 10th, June 14th, July 12th, and August 9th.  Any rain outs will be rescheduled.


Contact Mike Day 469-5822 or Kelly Clodfelter 469-8422 if you have any questions.

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