Annual Membership Meeting

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LJRC Annual Membership Meeting

Saturday September 24th 5:30 p.m.

Members present for the meeting will have a chance to win a firearm!

 In order for the Club to continue normal operations for another year we need to install a Board of Directors which is done at the Annual Membership Meeting.  This requires a vote of at least 10% of the membership according to the by-laws of the Club.  While we have managed to achieve this in previous years, it has been close in the past.  Improvements continue to be made at our facilities and the meeting is an excellent opportunity to discuss past successes and future plans.

Join us at the La Junta Senior Center, located on the corner of 2nd and Raton Ave at 5:30 p.m.  Those attending are asked to bring a side dish to share, meat will be provided by the Club. 

Rifle Season Is Here

While you are sighting in this year take a look up...your ears should appreciate the most recent improvement to the Club.

The underside of the awning covering the rifle range has been sprayed with rubber to help with the acoustics on the range.  Happy shooting!

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