General Club Rules

  1. It is each shooter’s responsibility to clean up his trash, including materials used as targets and spent cartridges.
  2. Willful destruction of LJRC property will not be tolerated.
  3. All shooting activities shall be conducted on the appropriate range.
  4. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to give out the lock combination to a non-member.
  5. All animals brought onto the LJRC property are the responsibility of the owner, must be on a leash, and must be cleaned up after.
  6. No storage of personal items on LJRC property without prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  7. No member shall violate any local, state or federal laws while on LJRC property.
  8. No shooting at wildlife on LJRC property.
  9. When open for shooting, the hours of operation for the rifle range are from sunrise until sunset.
  10. Anyone 17 years of age or under must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  11. Eye and Ear protection are mandatory within 10 yards of the firing line. It is encouraged within 30 yards of firing line.
  12. Vehicles are only allowed on the range forward of the firing lines when posting targets during cease fire.

The above rules shall be observed by each member and their guest.  Violations of these rules shall be reported to the Board of Directors and may result in suspension of LJRC privileges or expulsion from the LJRC.



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