Range Limitations and Safety Requirements

Live-fire shooters will:

  1. 1.Remember that magnum cartridges are permitted on the 25-yard and 50-yard range using paper or cardboard targets        only.  Metal targets are not authorized for magnum handgun cartridges on the 25 or 50 yard range.
  2. Place targets so that the bullet impact strikes the primary berm directly behind the target.  For placement purposes, the target should be considered to be larger by one foot in all directions than the actual target to provide safe backstop for near misses.
  3. Ensure all projectiles impact on the primary berm directly in back of the targets. 
  4. Ensure range flags are displayed on the firing line.

  5. Call “cease fire” and make safe all guns before a shooter moves forward of the firing line or during any unsafe condition.

  6. Call “cease fire” if a firing line becomes staggered (one shooter forward of another) anywhere on the range complex.
  7. Use appropriate ear protection.
  8. Wear appropriate eye protection.
  9. Notify the Board of Directors of any safety infractions.
  10. Police all brass, paper, and other debris that accumulate on the range.  Dispose of  them in the containers provided.

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