Responsibilities of Board and Members

Board of Directors

  1. Maintain the range facility in a condition conducive to safe shooting.
  2. Ensure written range schedules with adequate time to post in the periodic newsletter.
  3. Conduct RSO training as needed using the NRA Range Safety Officer training program.



  1. Must be a current member to gain access to the facility.
  2. Shooters will conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times and will be responsible for the conduct of any guests they bring.
  3. All shooters are responsible for their guns and ammunition while on the complex.  Do not handle other firearms without owners consent.
  4. Guns that are out of the case and not being fired must be benched.  (Actions open and facing up, chambers empty,       muzzles pointing downrange, and safeties on.)
  5. Only load guns on the firing line.
  6. Do not point guns at anything other than authorized targets.
  7. Fire only at your own target.
  8. Give the command “cease fire” if an unsafe condition exists or when going downrange.
  9. Assist in policing the area of brass and any other debris.
  10. No pets are allowed on the firing line.
  11. Violence is prohibited.
  12. Failure of shooters to abide by the procedures listed in this section or vandalizing club property will result in immediate eviction from the range and possible suspension of future shooting privileges.


Upcoming Events

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