Stage II Fire Restrictions

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Stage II Fire Restriction

Explosive Targets Prohibited

The use of exploding targets (tannerite) has always required the approval of a Board Member for use at the LJRC.  However, in light of the Stage II Fire Restrictions being implemented across the State the Board has decided to prohibit the use of explosive targets.  Stage II Fire Restrictions limit the use fireworks and explosives, which applies to the use of tannerite targets.

 Also, please do not forget to pack out your trash when leaving the Club.  The Stage II Fire Restrictions also prohibit the burning of trash.

Committee For Exploring Improvements

 Interested in helping to guide your Club into the Future?  Contact a Board Member if you are available to assist with a new committee being formed to explore the cost of building bathrooms and a new indoor range.  Once we have a better idea of the cost we can begin looking for grants and exploring fundraising options.


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